Istituto di Istruzione Superiore A. Righi is a State Upper Secondary School located in Taranto. It hosts 1500 pupils and provides three different types of curricula: Lyceum, Industrial Technical Institute and CPIA courses for adult education and training. Each course offers our students qualified updated knowledge, competences and skills and provide deepened studies in the economic and productive expanding field of new technologies. The school is a Unesco school and Intercultura school with class exchanges , eTwinning projects and language/ job traning stages abroad.

Technical High School

Augusto Righi Technical High School provides specialized training for specific career fields, along with a High School Curriculum covering Maths, Science, Reading, Social Studies, and Information Computer Technology. The course lasts five years and students graduate with a high school diploma. They are prepared for careers or further Higher Education in a particular area Structure of the five-year syllabus BIENNIO ( two 2-year period) GENERAL COMMON AREA- CORE SUBJECTS Mathematics, Italian language and Literature, History English ,Geography, Biology, Chemistry ,ITC, Technical drawing, PH, Religious Education, Law, Social Studies. TRIENNIO (2 year period and a fifth year) AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION Transports and Logistics Aeronautics Electronics & Electric engineering Computer Science and Telecommunications (Information Technology and Telecommunications) Mechanics ,Mechatronics &Energy.


Lyceum for Applied Sciences ( option without Latin) Lyceum for Sport Structure of the five-year syllabus 27 hours a week in the first two year, 30 in the three-year period.
Here are mentioned all of them:

Alternanza scuola lavoro (TRAINEESHIP)

Another important part of the curricula in our school is represented by the ALTERNANZA SCUOLA – LAVORO ( job training courses /traineeship ) which Third ,fourth and fifth year students attend in local business enterprises and companies in Taranto and in the nearby area. The goal is to get students onto clearly marked “career pathways”Close links with businesses in the local community are being developed to form the connection between theoretical and practical which greatly enhances pupils’ understanding of ‘real-life’ working situations. It aims at enriching and integrating the learning and training process, thanks to a direct experience in the world of work Students attend Job Training courses in local enterprises operating on the market of ITC services and industry leaders in technology in the field of production and marketing of large household appliances.


Theory lessons take place in the 40 classrooms while the technical practical lessons take place in 25 different laboratories. Lessons with experts enrich the high quality additional educational provision the school has always enhanced and promoted The technical equipment used in the laboratories include also a milling cell which allows students to build real printed circuit boards and not simulation models, a wind tunnel, a molding lab, several 3D printing, educational kits for practical lessons in the labs and automation systems . optional advanced courses on Educational Robotics., Informatics , Mechanics and aerospace industry are essential part of the educational offer.


Augusto Righi prepares students to understand, contribute to, and succeed in a rapidly changing society, thus making the world a better and more just place. We will ensure that our students develop both the skills that a sound education provides and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative economy. We are committed to developing students who enter the workforce prepared for change, with employability skills that can be transferred and adapted as technology advances. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge that enables people to better understand our world and enhance Sustainable Development for local and global communities.

The project teachers

The Management and Implementation team: The Head of School Mrs Iole de Marco- the project coordinator Mrs Maria Luisa Cusumano- the vice principal Mr Cataldo Mannavola- the head of administrative Staff Mr Francesco Marcato
The Technical / Digital team:Mr Marco Marino’ Mr Antonio Cirielli Mr Umberto Talamo- Mr Daniele Luzzi- Mr Cataldo Mannavola
The scientific team: Mrs Rita Bianchi-Mrs Lucia Basile- Mrs Giuseppina Conte- Mrs Titti Simone
The language team: Mrs Maria Lecce- Mrs Sabrina Traetta- Mrs Angela Valente- Mrs Maria Luisa Cusumano