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From left to right, the project coordinators from Spain, Romania, Italy, Malta and The Netherlands

the project teachers

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Project coordinators from Spain, Romania, Italy, Malta and The Netherlands

From 22nd to 25th October 2018 we were in Malta for our Teachers’ training held by the hosting school at the New Focus Training Centre in Floridia. During the week we could have a great and valuable course about Sustainable Tourism and related teaching methodologies with several study visits to places of natural and cultural interest In a journey through Environment and Culture.

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Sustainable growth is undoubtedly linked to Tourism as Environment is not only a Heritage to be preserved but it can support Tourism and it is an important economic sector of a Country.

This is the principle of Sustainable Tourism, which is one of the priorities of the sustainable Agenda 2020, requires a bottom up approach.

In all Countries Nature attracts tourism and in Malta, thanks to sustainable beaches, the mild weather and the sea , about 2 million tourists visit the island every year.

Another main attraction is represented by the Historical and Cultural Heritage, mainly in the Capital Valletta which is a peninsular area between the Sea and Sliema Grand Harbour and walled city of Mdina with its three lines of fortifications and Bastions and its Cittadella. So Heritage tourism is deeply connected and interwoven with sustainable tourism.

During the course we were aknowledged about the development of a new kind of architecture in Malta, the “albergo diffuso”, a new concept of Hotel designed by the Italian architect Dallara. The idea is to use the architectural building as hotel. So ruined historical buildings have been transformed into boutique hotels, restaurants and so on. This kind of hotel clearly addresses the issues of sustaining Cultural heritage while valuing History and restoring abandoned buildings

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This part of the course was enriched by visits to the historical places which were presented as open air museums.

The second part of our training was focused on eco tourism and sustainable teaching. with an interesting activity of job shadowing at Newark School. The lessons were centred on Recycling, Water Waste Reduction eco- friendly behaviours , Clean Energy ( vocabulary) and Bullying with creative methodologies such as storytelling, dramatization , brain storming and an outdoor lesson at the XROBB L-GHAGING Nature Park and Sustainable Develompment Centre where the students of the school were involved in several activities including games and science educational labs.

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Finally, during the meeting, thanks to the friendly atmosphere created among partners and our professional skills, during the workshops all teachers designed collaboratively some lessons and approaches to be used in the development of our project work. In particular the outdoor lesson and the study visits were chosen as effective methodologies to be used to reach our goals.

It was a really profitable meeting. Thank you to Rosanne Galea and the Newark School team from all partners.

Maria Luisa Cusumano


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