LTT C1 Sustainable teaching for Sustainable education
Newark School
Sliema Malta 22-25 October 2018

What was the best experience during your stay? What’s your general comment?

Teachers from the partner schools say….

Teachers sitting on the stairs

The contact with the partners involved in the project. It’s good to get a relationship with the people you will be working with for the next two years..The actual contact with students at school, which gave me emotions;,the trip to Gozo. The Newark school team was very helpful for having a good start through effective teachers’ learning strategies.
(Liliana Adocheti – project coordinator Romania)

The activities at Newark School. The coming together of the 5 schools ran well. Not in even case could be expected a very fast process, but in the end we were able to come to results for working, communicating and planning. In the end the overall idea is that in the kick-off meeting all the partners were able to create a strong sense of cooperation.
 (Rita von Hebel – project coordinator The Netherlands)

Getting to know other teachers and sharing our experience..Each school presented a project about environment and we could work out common ideas . The experience was positive and now we have an overall idea of our future work.
(Margarite Pastor – project coordinator Spain)

Acquiring good knowledge of sustainable tourism development and the creative approach in Sustainable education at Newark school. This can help both teachers and students involved in the project design useful and interesting activities. The meeting has been really profitable. All the teaching training activities were helpful with profound development. All information was clearly presented and useful for the purpose of the meeting. The training activities provided us with tools and ideas that are interesting and good to be used in future lessons/ activities/projects.
(Maria Luisa Cusumano – project coordinator Italy)

To meet the partners I enjoyed the experience as I like meeting new people and visiting new place. the project is interesting We are experienced partners and we shall work together for the success of our project.
 (Susana Maria Echay Jardì – Head of School Spain)

The lectures delivered by Rebecca Dalli and Dr Busuttil offered us a good perspective in terms of sustainable tourism.The experience was really profitable . All the partners were involved in the activities
(Cataldo Mannavola – Deputy Headmaster Italy)

My best experience was to visit the Newark school. There I had the opportunity to see the difference between the Maltese and the Romanian education system.
(Brendan Voch- Teacher The Netherlands)

The lessons with students at school and the cultural visit to Gozo..It’s my first time in an Erasmus project and it was great.
 (Maria Lecce – teacher Italy)

The Job shadowing in classes at Newark School. I could understand the organization of an International School and share methodologies and best practices with collegues.
(Rosario Bernal Tido – teacher Spain)

The outdoor activities, especially the one with students because I am not a teacher thank you very much for this opportunity.
(Annie Boelen- school staff The Netherlands)

The cultural visits and the activities in classes. The partnership was effective.
(Merijn van Pinxteren- Teacher The Netherlands)

The job shadowing in classes was a new experience. I learned a lot and I think the different delegations integrated well.
(Annemarie van Esch- Teacher The Netherlands)

Collaboration with colleagues from other areas of activity, meeting with very nice people
The lectures and the job shadowing at Newark School because we exchanged good practices.
(Oana Gheorghiescu -Teacher Romania)

The lectures about Sustainable Tourism and the workshops were interesting and we could share good practices.
 (Catalina Besa- Teacher Romania)

The lectures and the activities at Newark school as I could compare their school organization with mine. The job shadowing at Neward School and the study visit to the Nature Reserve with the children were interesting as well.
(Helena Gonnel Haragò – Teacher Spain)

Thank you to Rosanne Galea and all the teachers and staff of the Newark school

Maria Luisa Cusumano, Project coordinator – IISS A.Righi Taranto, Italy

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