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THE PROJECT | 2018-1-IT02-KA229-048136_1

SUSTAIN European Culture and Environment in an App ( S.E.C.E.A.), approved by the Erasmus+National Agency Indire on August is a two year Erasmus+ KA 229 School Exchange Partnerships project funded by the European Union. This project involves both pupils (14 to 18 years old) and teachers of the partner schools.

TOPICS | Sustain

The title itself contains the key interrelated elements of our project. The imperative "Sustain" means that we have to introduce Sustainable 21st Competences, on a regular basis in our Schools, improve students’ Ways of Thinking, Ways of Working, Living in the World that is their Scientific Knowledge, Entrepreneurial, Language, IT Skills and Ethics and encourage them to be responsible Sustainable Citizens actively engaged in solving Sustainable Development issues at European level. The first step is to become aware of the uniqueness of the Culture of each partner’s Country, to respect cultural diversity and promote our common Cultural Heritage and Values that make us European Citizens. It will be done by promoting Sustainable tourism in the partners areas. Environment will be investigated by researching and promoting the rich biodiversity in Europe ,from Mountains to Sea and Country landscapes and their influences on the human people, how the natural habitat have changed in time with a look to the future. Environmental issues such as climate changes will be identified and discussed and the application of new technology for environment, the -role of renewables, bioenergy and bioelectricity today will be explored. by means of lessons in the labs and practice by direct observation in direct application to real-environmental problems. Finally, in order to improve educational outcomes, addressing English learning within an integrated approach, encompassing key competences, learners will be provided with new tools to study a foreign language in a sustainable way, by using new technologies and the methodology of Communicative language teaching (CLT). At the end of the two years the final event, a seminar to present Implementation of sustainable tourism and economy competences into curricula at various levels achieved in the project. The products will be available in an App, on eTwinning and on the e-learning platform "SUSTAIN" S.E.C.E.A ( ).


At the end of the project all involved schools will have a free sustainable technology platform called SUSTAIN freely available in electronic format for secondary schools with all the lessons and materials about Environmental, Social, Cultural, and Economic Sustainability, developed during the project .The products will be available also in APPS. The curriculum will include lesson plans from different fields (physics, biology, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, programming, energy, English ) and will be useful to start a Sustainable Education Course.